GRIP: Combat Racing’s April Fools day gag adds VR to the game

As an April Fool’s Day joke, the developers behind GRIP: Combat Racing released a video called Vomit Racing Edition. A few hours later, the game received an update allowing everyone with a VR headset to experience this for themselves. As the developers jokingly show in the video, this mode is not for VR newcomers. VR mode starts the game off in third person mode, with no option to switch to cockpit view. The update does not include any comfort options, so if you aren’t a fan of how the game handles in VR, you are basically out of luck.

The world’s first Half-Life: Alyx mod appears

Vect0r, the developer of this mod, has revealed what he has been working on since Half-Life: Alyx launched: Half-Life 2 on Source 2. As you can see from the showcase video, Vect0r has managed to convert the original map file and assets from Half-Life 2 into Source 2 files. This is extremely impressive as Valve has not released the Source 2 SDK which would make this process significantly easier. If you would like updates to this mod, Vect0r is posting any progress he makes on it to his Steam group.

A sneak peek for the latest Quake VR update shows off weapon throwing

The team behind Quake VR has released a video giving players a sneak peek at what’s to come from the v.0.0.4 update. Players will have access to a weapon holster, allowing you to keep your guns close at all times. The update is also adding something Quake 1 never had before: weapon throwing. Only have your trust axe to take down enemies? Try throwing it! You can also throw your guns at enemies as a last resort when you’ve exhausted all of your ammo. The update doesn’t have a solid release date right now, with the video teasing players with a “coming soon” message. You can download Quake VR at Vittorio Romeo’s website.