Under the Radar – Stranger Things 3

With the third season of Stranger Things dropping on Netflix in less than three weeks, fans will likely be gearing up to binge all eight episodes as quickly as possible. Thankfully the hype doesn’t have to die as soon as you’ve finished watching this season as BonusXP and Netflix will be simultaneously releasing Stranger Things 3: The Game (July 4th 2019).

In keeping with the 80s theme of the television show, Stranger Things 3: The Game sports a 16-bit theme in this top-down beat ’em up. Just like those classic 16-bit era games, you can play locally with a friend with the drop-in/drop-out split-screen co-op feature. Don’t worry, you can still play the full game solo if your friends aren’t around.

Judging by Stranger Things 3: The Game’s Steam page, it appears that major plot points and locations from the new season will also feature in this title. Dave Pottinger, Stranger Things 3: The Game’s Director, has confirmed that this title will enable fans to dive into the things that happen off-screen in an interview with Variety

This title follows the Stranger Things mobile game (iOS, Android) that was released back in October 2017, which featured eight playable characters and coincided with the release of Stranger Things 2. Developer BonusXP is stepping things up this time around, launching the newest instalment on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC, as well as a mobile version.

Stranger Things 3: The Game ups the ante by increasing the playable character count to twelve. Each one of these twelve characters comes with their own unique special moves, for example, Joyce can utilise her Whirlwind special attack to take down multiple attacking enemies. The game is being designed with players of all skill levels in mind, so whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer the experience should be comfortable for everyone.

Written for the June 14th issue of DailyBits.