Under the Radar – Songbird Symphony

Songbird Symphony (Joysteak Studios – PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch) Release: 25th July 2019

Birb Is The Word

Musical platformer and rhythm game, Songbird Symphony, follows a little orphaned bird called ‘Birb’ on his quest to find out who his parents are. With the ability to sing different notes, and learn more from other birds that you bump into along the way, players will have to solve puzzles, chirp to activate platforms and beat bosses in challenging rhythm battles.

“Connect the movement of platforms, doors and many other elements with rhythmic inputs and find a new way to enjoy classic jump’n’run gameplay! Listen closely to the rhythm and press the right buttons at the right time to fly through the singing, dancing levels of Songbird Symphony!.”

From what we’ve seen of Songbird Symphony so far, it looks to be a relaxing experience with a wholesome vibe. It appears that Birb doesn’t feel like he quite fits in anywhere, but we should see this change as we make our way through the game. In the most recent narrative trailer we’ve been introduced to a selection of characters that will play an integral part in Birb’s journey. Father figure, Uncle Pea; forest wisebird, Owl; reliable friend, Egbert and a mysterious ‘masked’ bird look to all play important roles in Birb’s quest to find his true origins.

May the music guide your way

Employing a similar plot to that of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ story, developer, Joysteak Studios, has chosen to focus on the music in Songbird Symphony to really bring its world to life. Rather than simply slap on a chipper soundtrack and call it a day, Birb’s actions will unlock extra layers in each track to enhance the overall atmosphere. Players will also have to collect feathers as they explore their environment and find their owner to unravel secrets. Songbird Symphony’s levels are interconnected so expect to learn its vast map well while searching for hidden areas.

In addition to its uplifting tones, Songbird Symphony’s beautiful pixel art and cute little bopping birds will be sure to put a smile on your face. There’s just something about seeing a penguin breakdancing that makes us grin. We’re looking forward to seeing how the tones of so many different species of bird come together, particularly when some of them are equipped with instruments.

If Songbird Symphony has piqued your interest, consider checking out the free demo, before purchasing the game. The game swooped onto Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch yesterday (July 25th), retailing at £13.99. If you happen to be a PC user, you can snap this up with 10% off on the Steam Store until August 1st.

Written for the July 26th issue of DailyBits.