Under the Radar – Nightmare Reaper

From The Shadows

Do you like heavy metal and blasting things to smithereens? Well, Episode One of Nightmare Reaper just rolled into Early Access on Steam with the promise of providing you with exactly that. Created by Blazing Bit Games, Nightmare Reaper is a new horror FPS, inspired by 90s shooters like DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D. Blending it’s dark and violent nature with brightly coloured rooms and enemies, this title is a mass of crazy explosions and gore layered over a Minecraft-esque backdrop.

As mentioned above, Nightmare Reaper has only just entered Early Access on Steam, with its Steam page currently exhibiting a gameplay trailer and a few screenshots from Episode One. This episode will feature thirty-two weapons however, Blazing Bit Games have a lofty goal of over eighty in the final version of the game. Speaking of late additions to the game, the developers are expecting to finish the second and third episodes within the space of a year (providing the scope of the game doesn’t increase). These future episodes are not going to cost any extra for those who have purchased the first episode. If you look at the next episodes as DLC, when you eventually come back to the game after a year you should have three times the content to play through.

The gameplay that we’ve seen from Nightmare Reaper looks pretty chaotic thus far but it does also construct a mysterious storyline. That said, the story appears to be a secondary consideration, with combat being the main focus here. The developer has described the game as having open-ended levels, filled with lots of surprises so we assume that there should be scope for a little replayability in this title, even though its reasonably early on in its development. Powerups and enchanted weapons will litter the rooms as you progress and character upgrades and abilities can also be purchased with gold you’ve collected along the way via a minigame.

If you’re the type of person that appreciates solid communication between the community and a developer, you’ll be happy to hear that you’re in the same boat as Blazing Bit Games as they appear to be quick at responding to feedback. Initially, some players were concerned about the amount of crashes they were dealing with between level transitions. Within two days of the game launching, the developers released a patch that directly dealt with this issue, in addition to a number of bug fixes and general improvements to make the gameplay smoother overall. If this is anything to go by, Nightmare Reaper’s Early Access period should be filled with frequent updates and improvements.

Nightmare Reaper is currently 15% off on Steam until July 23rd so if you like what you’ve read about it so far, be sure to snap up that offer before it disappears. Those that can’t afford to pick it up right now will be happy to know the price will not change from the current RRP (£15), even after the future episodes have been released. If you have already picked up Nightmare Reaper, be sure to leave comments on the Steam Discussion boards where your input could have an impact on the final game.

Written for the July 19th issue of DailyBits.