Under the Radar – A Place For The Unwilling

Sandbox adventure game, A Place For The Unwilling, places you in an open world in the final twenty-one days of a dying city. Every decision you make will have an impact on the fate of the city, but you’ll have to manage your time efficiently as you cannot be everywhere at once.

Boasting similarities to gems like Majora’s Mask and Sunless Skies, this narrative adventure is focusing on the quality and depth of its experience, opposed to creating a large, empty environment for players to trample through. Set in a single city, A Place For The Unwilling aims to cram as many details into this small region as possible, in hopes of mimicking the lively hustle and bustle of a real city. You’ll get to know just eighteen characters, who will make up the entire community and you’ll find yourself completing familiar tasks like reading newspapers and going to work. As a trader, you’ll get to know the locals and will hone your skills as a savvy salesperson. The ongoing monotony of everyday life ends there, though. Whether you like it or not, you’ve got just twenty-one days and lots of mysteries to uncover in that time.

From what we’ve seen of A Place For The Unwilling so far, details shared about the story appear to be purposely enigmatic. The man behind the game’s story is the award-winning writer, Ángel Luis Sucasas, author of four novels and two collections of short tales. Developer, ALPixel Games recently published a release date announcement trailer showing off a number of locations in the city, as well as giving us a sneak peak into the ominous tone that the game will likely have. The trailer depicts a male character called Henry, writing what appears to be a suicide note to a friend before proceeding to hang himself – quite a poignant thing to include in a trailer, if you ask us! We’re then shown more of the city where we get a much better look at the detailed art and mysterious atmosphere. Each room appears to contain small, moving clusters of squiggly lines that vaguely resemble the silhouette of a person. While we’re not entirely sure how these interactions will pan out, the developer has given us a few clues:

“They are people like you, not some kind of ghost or ethereal being, but the crowd holds a shroud of anonymity above the living. You shouldn’t ignore them, they might mean nothing to you at first, but if your path tangles with one of the shadows and, by chance, you hear its name, the dark fume will fade away and you will see the person who was below the whole time..”

Launched on Kickstarter back in February 15th 2016, A Place For The Unwilling was originally scheduled to release just over a year later (April 2017). As is the case with most of the games on Kickstarter, this release date was highly optimistic and, unsurprisingly, it ended up missing this release period. This week, the developers revealed the new launch date for their long-awaited game, which will be July 25th on Steam.

Written for the July 12th issue of DailyBits.