The Complex

A deadly pathogen could wreak havoc on the world if it isn’t dealt with – only you have the ability to stop it. Written by Lynn Renee Maxcy (part of the writing team from The Handmaid’s Tale), The Complex is an interactive sci-fi thriller movie from the team at Wales Interactive. You play as Dr Amy Tenant, one of the leading scientists in Nanocell technology. One of your test patients is experiencing strange symptoms on the London Underground, causing the public to suspect a biological terrorist attack.

Though the game promises that your choices have consequences, the amount of choices you actually have is much less than you might suspect. My Nintendo Switch actually entered the automatic power-saving setting several times throughout my playthrough. On average, the player has to make a choice every fifteen minutes, and most of these choices don’t end up making a significant difference.

I played the game using a Nintendo Switch which typically might suggest the game has a graphical downgrade compared to its console counterparts, but in this instance, every version of The Complex should be exactly the same. If you absolutely need to play the game on the go, pick up the Nintendo Switch version.

If you are looking for a movie that isn’t particularly well-acted and that allows you to make a few minor choices along the way, The Complex may be exactly what you want. Annoyingly, the game doesn’t have a scene select feature so there is no way of seeing the alternate options without playing the game through again. There are supposed to be eight unique endings, but it’s closer to three with some slight changes to the scenes. Don’t go into this game expecting the same level of options as something like Netflix’s Bandersnatch because you won’t find that here.

Where to buy: The Complex retails for £9.99 on every platform (SteamNintendo eShopMicrosoft Store, and PlayStation Store). We think this is a fair price considering it costs slightly less than a night out at the cinema. If you’d like to try Wales Interactives other FMV game, The Late Shift, the cheapest place to buy both of these games is on Steam. Picking up the bundle gives you a saving of 33% for both games, coming in at just £13.48.

Written for the April 8th issue of DailyBits.