Rumours – June 13th

Just because it’s the week of E3 doesn’t mean there aren’t any rumours floating about. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting rumours to come to light now that all of the E3 conferences are over.

Nintendo starts production on two new Switch devices

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported in the past about the two unreleased Nintendo Switch devices, now they are claiming that production has now begun for the two new Switch SKUs. These two Switch SKUs are rumoured to be the Nintendo Switch Pro, a powered-up version of the original Nintendo Switch, and a budget-priced Nintendo Switch. WSJ’s sources claim that the production of these two devices has moved from China to Southeast Asia in order to avoid the potential U.S. tariffs on Chinese-made products.

WSJ remain adamant that these two Nintendo Switch devices will launch sometime this year. Nintendo made it clear that there would be no hardware announcements at E3, focusing entirely on software. This seems to be normal for the company as the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 2DS and 3DS were all revealed before or after E3.

Sony’s latest job listing may hint at possible acquisitions

This rumour may be a bit of a stretch considering the size of Sony overall, but there might be something to it. The role in question mentions this in the job description:

“Sony PlayStation is looking for an M&A Program Manager with 2-3 years’ of relevant corporate experience for a 6-9 month contract position. The M&A Program Manager will support the company in the due diligence process and put together project timelines to ensure that all acquisition integration activities are on track.”

Considering Microsoft’s pursuit over the last two years to pick up studios in an effort to boost their output of quality games, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony were looking to do the same thing. Earlier in the year, there were rumours circulating that Sony was in the process of acquiring Take-Two Interactive, though those rumours ultimately ended up being debunked.

Written for the June 13th issue of DailyBits.