Rumours – July 3rd

We’ve all heard about the Nintendo Switch Mini so much that it seems crazy we still don’t know anything official about it! In this week’s rumour roundup, we take another look at the Switch Mini to see whether this latest rumour gives us some concrete evidence of its arrival.

BigBen Accidentally Confirms Nintendo Switch Mini Design?

There have been rumours since the beginning of the year that has said a Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo Switch Mini are scheduled to release before the end of 2019, but we haven’t had any concrete proof until potentially now. BigBen, one of the largest case manufacturers in the UK, had their design for a silicon Switch Mini case leaked. This is the equivalent of Spigen (another massive case manufacturer but for mobile phones) having a phone case leaked, which is something that has happened in the past with the iPhone X.

Interestingly, the packaging shows the silicon case is for the ’Mini Switch 2’. This could suggest that Nintendo are planning on going down the sequel route with their revisions. The silicon case design appears to be remarkably similar to the original Nintendo Switch, with no obvious surprises or any other glaring hardware revisions. There was some speculation that Nintendo may redesign the left Joy-Con to give it a D-Pad, and if we are to believe this silicon case box then there is a slight chance that this could happen. The left side of the silicon case shows a circle cutout for the usual Joy-Con area, whereas the right side is the traditional Joy-Con shape.

Here’s hoping that we’ll receive official confirmation regarding the ‘Nintendo Switch Mini 2’ from Nintendo very soon. Many people online have put off purchasing a Nintendo Switch at this point and are waiting for the new hardware to arrive before they commit to a purchase. Source: GoNintendo Article

Written for the July 3rd issue of DailyBits.