Razer Viper Ultimate vs Logitech G900

The two best wireless mice for gaming are undoubtedly the Logitech G900 and the Razer Viper Ultimate. It can be a tough decision picking the right mouse for you, especially when you factor in their similar price points. I’m going to break down the pros and cons of each mouse to help make this decision a lot easier.

The Logitech G900 features a customisable body, allowing you to add and remove the page up and down buttons on the side of the mouse. The infinite scroll feature which I initially brushed off as a dumb gimmick is actually useful when browsing through a packed timeline, or just looking at Reddit. You’ve also got buttons on the front of the mouse that allows you to easily switch your DPI on the fly.

One of the best features of the G900 is the build quality. This mouse has managed to survive the damage I’ve inflicted on it when I accidentally slam it into my keyboard. Sure, the left click button does have some small dents in it, but that’s what happens when you repeatedly hit it into a metal keyboard. As for the battery life, it has slowly degraded over time but even today I get a minimum of 15 hours out of it. The mouse comes bundled with a micro-USB cable for wired use and charging, in addition to a USB wireless receiver.

Prior to using the Viper Ultimate, my biggest problem with the G900 was the battery life and the weird cutout shape of the micro-USB cable. Logitech addressed the battery life complaints with the upgraded G903, but they kept the design of the micro-USB cable. This isn’t too annoying, but it would’ve been nicer if the end of this cable was normal so you could use it in other devices.

Razer’s offering is different in a number of key areas that might be the deciding factor for those looking for a new mouse. The Viper Ultimate feels a lot flatter in my hand compared to the G900 thanks to its sleeker shape. After using the Viper Ultimate for over a month now, the G900 feels almost unnaturally large as a result. The shape of the mouse is something that will be highly subjective, so you might want to try them both in a shop to get an idea of which one you’d prefer.

One of the benefits of the Viper Ultimate that I didn’t expect to care about is how lightweight it is. On paper, the difference between the Viper Ultimate’s 74g versus the G900’s 107g doesn’t seem all that significant, but in reality, it is one of the main reasons why I prefer Razer’s mouse. Again, this comes down to personal preference, but the lighter feel of the Viper Ultimate coupled with the sleek shape makes aiming feel a little bit more precise for me.

Battery life is something that I haven’t had to worry about at all with the Viper Ultimate. I was charging my G900 on a daily basis to ensure it wouldn’t randomly die on me while playing games, whereas the Viper Ultimate can easily last a week without needing to be charged. Razer claims the Viper Ultimate lasts around 60 hours with RGB, those numbers feel accurate to what I am getting.

The version of the Viper Ultimate I bought came with the charging station which gives you an alternative way to charge your mouse. If you don’t buy the fancy version, you only have the option of using the included micro-USB cable. Fortunately, this micro-USB cable isn’t awkwardly-shaped and can be plugged into any device, even the G900. One advantage of the charging station is that it doubles as a USB dock for the wireless receiver. This saves you an extra USB slot compared to the G900 which requires you to have two ports, one for the charging cable and another for the receiver. For just £10, I’d say it’s worth the extra cost.

You do have a button on the base of the mouse to change your DPI on the fly, but it isn’t accessible in the middle of a fight. I mean, you can try to do it but you will almost certainly die. There’s also a little compartment to store your wireless receiver in if you plan on travelling. Unlike the G900, you cannot add or remove any buttons to the Viper Ultimate. Though I would’ve preferred the option to remove the buttons on the right side of the mouse, I can’t say I’ve ever accidentally pressed them as they don’t stick out at all.

If I had to pick between the two mice, I would choose the Viper Ultimate, though it really is a tough decision. As I mentioned earlier, I probably would still be using the G900 right now if I hadn’t tried out the Viper Ultimate. One advantage of the G900 that cannot be understated is its longevity. The fact that I haven’t had any issues with this mouse whatsoever after three years is remarkable. No matter which mouse you pick, you cannot go wrong with either of them.