Is Mario Tennis Aces An Unfinished Game?

I usually don’t play any of the Mario Sports games, however Nintendo released an online demo prior to Mario Tennis Aces’ launch which had me hooked. I haven’t enjoyed a tennis game like this since the Virtua Tennis days, and you know, it’s been a while.

Mario Tennis Aces brings together a solid tennis foundation and adds a number of unique mechanics to make the game ‘more than tennis’. In addition to this, the developers also included the option to play the game without the fancy abilities, allowing players to experience the best tennis game to come out in years.

When the game launched, I was as happy with it as I was with the demo. As I mentioned earlier, I typically don’t bother with these types of games so I went into this without any expectations. While I was satisfied with the game, it would appear that I was in the minority, at least I was on Reddit. Over six thousand people had upvoted this thread that claims Mario Tennis Aces feels unfinished. These are the main complaints in the thread:

  • There are very few modes when compared to the previous games in the series
  • Adventure mode isn’t as good as the Gameboy Colour version – it’s a collection of minigames and boss battles
  • You can’t retry missions in the Switch game forcing you to skip through dialogue each time you lose
  • There are no unlockable stages or characters
  • The game reuses assets from the previous entry in the series
  • You can’t play a full game of tennis in multiplayer

I believe a lot of these complaints aren’t actually that serious. The way I judge this is by thinking about how much the game would have improved if all of these issues were addressed. I don’t think my opinion of this game would be any different if all of these problems were suddenly patched out in the next few months.

So you don’t have as many modes as you used to have back in the N64 version of the game. Who cares about some garbage mini-game modes anyway? The same people who are complaining about how the current Adventure mode is a collection of mini-games are the same people demanding these modes be added to the multiplayer. Why would you possibly want this?

I will admit, not being able to retry immediately when you fail a mission in the Adventure mode is a pain, but let’s be honest now, it’s not like you ever plan on playing through this mode ever again. You’ll play it once, realise it isn’t that good and never go back to it. Why does it matter if a retry button is added to the Adventure mode when everyone seems to agree that the Adventure mode sucks?

I hate hearing this nonsense from Nintendo fans (and trust me, its ALWAYS Nintendo fans) who beg developers to include unlockable stages and characters in games. I genuinely believe Mario Tennis Aces is a competitive game, so why the hell would you want to add unlockables to it? All unlockables do in competitive games is make things awkward for those that wish to take the game seriously. This stuff bothers me so much in games like Smash Brothers because it’s always my character that ends up locked behind hours of grinding, and for what? Just so some man-baby has something to unlock to make themselves feel as if they’ve accomplished something.

Speaking of Smash Brothers (or almost any Nintendo game released on the Switch recently), only now have we reached the point where people are complaining about reusing old assets. Mate, have you played any Switch games, like, at all? At least this game isn’t a re-released port of a Wii U game.

The complaint that annoys me the most, and it’s the one that seems to have garnered the most support online is this demand for longer multiplayer games. How is this something people genuinely want? All online games are based off best of three sets, meaning a skilled player can thrash their opponent by scoring eight consecutive points. Typically this is not how games of Mario Tennis play out, especially not when both players are evenly matched. While games can finish in under two minutes, I’ve mainly experienced long sets that have taken over twenty minutes to complete. Why would you want to make your opponent suffer for so much longer than necessary? Now I know some of you guys out there hate to hear it, but in this case you really just need to git gud, innit. It’s as simple as that. If you get better at the game you can experience some of the best moments Mario Tennis Aces has to offer. Having to settle a long match in the tiebreaker stages of the game where you clutch out the round to win a tournament is an incredible experience.

Don’t get me wrong, this game is by no means perfect. I’m just sick of hearing complaints about the game’s minor issues. Why haven’t there been as many articles complaining about the busted trick shot system? You know that major problem that is ruining a large portion of the game right now? Then you’ve got the whole Bowser Jr ordeal and how overpowered he is compared to the rest of the cast. Then you’ve got the lack of a proper ranking system that currently sees people with crazy amounts of points take on people who have literally just bought the game. I mean come on, if you are going to complain at least focus on the important stuff.