How to get Rank SS consistently in Tetris Effect

The Zone ability in Tetris Effect is by far the biggest change the series has seen in some time. For new players, the Zone ability will primarily be used to slow down time, allowing them to carefully place blocks to avoid errors. However, if you’re hoping to obtain the highest score on the leaderboard, you will need to utilise this ability to its fullest extent

To build your Zone meter, all you need to do is clear eight lines. This will grant you one quarter of your meter. It’s important to note that you are able to use your Zone ability as soon as you’ve built it. When in your Zone state, any lines you clear will not affect your ‘lines cleared’ goal. This information is key to earning the highest number of points possible because it allows you to extend the game for much longer than usual.

As we mentioned earlier, activating the Zone ability slows down time. New players will see this as an opportunity to take a breather and give themselves some time to clear the board. Experienced players should be using this time to clear as many lines as possible. If utilised correctly, you can clear up to twenty lines, giving you a crazy amount of points.

Try to use the Zone ability as soon as you spot an opportunity to clear eight lines or more. By only using this ability when you’ve built a quarter of your meter as opposed to building it up fully, players can maximise the number of points gained by filling up an entire board and have it cleared within the space of a few seconds. If you want to be the very best by obtaining the top spot on the leaderboards, you’d better get used to doing T-Spin clears and using the Zone ability to clear twenty lines each time. I believe you can get higher scores by clearing twenty lines at a time using the Zone ability, but I cannot verify this as I am terrible at doing this.

So, just to recap: the easiest way of getting consistent Rank SS scores is to clear eight or more lines after building one-quarter of the Zone meter. By doing this, you can earn roughly several thousand points per Zone usage, putting you high up on those leaderboards.