Hands-on Preview – Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace (Brave At Night – PC) Release date: Early 2020

Your throne awaits

You may be familiar with Kingdom Management RPG, Yes, Your Grace. Developed by Brave at Night, this title was first launched on Kickstarter in November 2014, gaining the support of over five hundred backers and securing £7,000 for development. Currently available to backers in its beta build, Yes, Your Grace takes inspiration from medieval Slavic culture and games like Papers, Please to create a world brimming with unique individuals who all need your help.

Stepping into the shoes of the King of Davern, your time is blocked out a week at a time. Managing your key resources of gold, supplies, army presence and the relationship with your subjects you’ll have to decide when it’s best to help people and when it makes more sense to ignore their requests. Your choices will have immediate consequences on your resources, but may also come back to haunt you later on. Did you refuse to help the Lord whose child had been kidnapped? Maybe he’ll disappear for a while as he plots his revenge and pop up later to throw a spanner into the works. In addition to ensuring all operations in your kingdom run as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to keep up with the quarrels amongst your daughters and ongoing family matters. From commanding your archers on the castle wall to exploring the gardens and dungeons, there are plenty of yarns woven into Yes, Your Grace’s story, and you have the opportunity to continue weaving them, or cut them short.

Despite only spending a short time with Yes, Your Grace, we’ve already seen far beyond the Throne Room. Weekly overviews will have you arranging upgrades for the castle to ensure your supplies and gold continue to multiply. You’ll also quickly gain access to a map of the surrounding area, where you’ll be able to send people out to enemy posts to acquire information that’ll help you to plan an attack. As you discover more about your kingdom and the surrounding area, you’ll progress through the main underlying story that Brave At Night has crafted, all the while fleshing it out with your decisions to chart the course of your own personal journey. From commanding formidable armies to dicing with mysterious magic and curses, anything is possible.

How will you rule Grevno?

As you might expect from a game with this art style, Yes, Your Grace does not require a powerful computer to run it. While the system requirements recommend having a minimum of an Intel Core i5 and a GTX 550, we managed to get the game up and running on an ultrabook with an i3 built in. You do have the option to tone down the graphics settings, though it is unlikely players will be forced to play on anything other than the highest graphical settings. There isn’t any mention of touchscreen support in Yes, Your Grace, however, we found the game worked perfectly when streaming it using Steam Remote Play to an iPad. We would love to see Yes, Your Grace eventually be ported to mobile devices as it is clear the game works perfectly using touchscreen controls.

Yes, Your Grace is the perfect pick for someone who is looking to sink into a management RPG with an almost Games of Thrones-like feel. If you happen to have fallen in love with games like Nerial’s Reigns, you’ll greatly appreciate how Yes, Your Grace utilises a similar system integrating it into a layered story with ongoing crises and consequences. Will you have the makings of a loyal, just and respectable leader, or will you just act in your own interests?

If the troubling times we’ve described in Yes, Your Grace sound like your cup of tea, consider adding it to your Steam Wishlist. Brave At Night plan to launch it on PC, Mac and Linux and have a planned release date of Early 2020. For a more detailed description of the game, be sure to check out Brave At Night’s Kickstarter page, which breaks down everything you need to know in addition to frequent updates from the dev team.

Written for the November 22nd issue of DailyBits.