Jenny LeClue – Detectivu (Mografi – PC, iOS) Release date: September 19th 2019

Will you become the best detective?

Having made its mark on Kickstarter, with almost 4,000 backers, Jenny LeClue – Detectivu is an adventure game in which your choices will help Jenny to solve a mystery. It appears as though your decisions alone will not shape how the story unfolds however, you’ll have a large impact in solving a big case when Jenny’s mother is accused of murder.

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu displays varied mechanics from very early on. Straight away, players are asked to make a decision as they watch a mysterious figure make its way through a forest on a rainy evening. Players will control the character as it walks towards a boat and ensure its safe passage to a secret location. It’s not long before you are tasked with solving a quick puzzle to get past a dead-end.

As you could probably guess from the art direction alone, Jenny LeClue is the type of game that you can play with your kids without having to worry about anything inappropriate coming up. This doesn’t mean the game has been dumbed down for children, it just means the developers did not need to resort to mature themes for their story. While adults could enjoy Jenny LeClue, it looks like the main demographic targets children over the age of eight. The puzzles are challenging enough for most players without needing any hints along the way, which again is perfect for kids as they won’t feel confused or frustrated throughout their playthrough.

Thanks to the funds raised through Kickstarter, the game is fully voice acted, making the story elements feel more engaging as you learn more about Jenny and her family. Finding clues to solve puzzles isn’t overly complicated as you’re told how many possible clues there are to find and most of them are quite obvious. Hovering over an object of interest will cause your cursor to change colour and when you find one, Jenny will elaborate and explain why that item is important to her investigation. If you need to check anything during your playthrough, you can always refer back to Jenny’s notebook, which will document everything you’ve discovered so far.

The developers have been hard at work adding features since launch

Since the game’s launch on PC back in September, Jenny LeClue has seen a number of quality of life updates to improve the overall experience. Steam achievements have been added for new and returning players (just load your save and your achievements should unlock immediately). New Game+ has been included for players who didn’t have the time to find every little secret during their first playthrough. The final feature included is Scene Select, giving players access to the exact moment they want to go back to in the game’s story.

Our biggest and arguably only real criticism of Jenny LeClue is the ending. The developers opted for a cliffhanger ending which made our choices feel pointless. At first, we believed it was our fault for picking the ‘wrong’ options, but it turns out no matter how you play the game you will always receive the cliffhanger ending. If this means that we will receive a sequel to Jenny LeClue then maybe this ending isn’t a bad thing after all!

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu is already available on SteamGOG and iOS through Apple Arcade. Developer, Mografi, has also confirmed that it’ll be arriving on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

Written for the November 1st issue of DailyBits.