Overwatch League cancels all Homestand events

Blizzard has decided to cancel all Homestand events in the Overwatch League following a successful weekend of online matches. This year, the Overwatch League had big plans to play matches in each of the team’s home towns. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, these matches have been cancelled to protect both the teams and their fans.

Team Esper drops their Rocket League players after match-fixing controversy

The team at Psyonix has announced on Reddit they will be launching a full investigation regarding Team Esper’s last league match. In an attempt to stop rival team RNG from progressing through to the playoff spots, Team Esper deliberately lost their match against Fury. Team Esper dropped the entire team following the result, though team member SSteve claims he had nothing to do with the match-fixing scandal.

Finnish CS:GO player sues Valve for over €250,000

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is suing Valve for €268,092 in damages due to a clause in a VAC ban he received four years ago. As a fourteen-year-old, Olkkonen was caught cheating in CS:GO which saw his account VAC banned. As a result, Olkkonen has a lifetime ban from playing Counter-Strike in major tournaments. Olkkonen was going to be signed by OG but his account ban stopped the deal from progressing. Valve has declined to comment on the situation thus far, leading Olkkonen to seek legal advice.