Devil May Cry 5 Red Orb Farming Guide

If you want to experience everything Devil May Cry 5 has to offer, you will need to purchase every ability in the store for all three characters. To do this, you will need millions of Red Orbs which can take a lot of time to collect. Fortunately, there is a method that allows you to obtain large amounts of orbs with very minimal effort. Here’s our fool-proof guide to help you acquire as many Red Orbs as possible.  

We fear Capcom may patch out this method of accumulating orbs as they are currently selling orbs on the store, so we recommend that you get in on this now before it’s potentially removed from the game.

Requirements: You will need to have reached Mission 13, have Dr. Faust’s Hat equipped, have Gunslinger style active and have purchased the Hat Trick ability.

Dr. Faust’s Hat is a risk/reward item in that it spends your orbs in order to deal damage to enemies. Eliminating enemies will grant you even more orbs than you spent initially. However, if you are injured while using this item, you’ll lose all your current orbs.

The main thing you have to do is level up Dr. Faust’s hat. While this is quite tedious, it’s certainly worth it. After accumulating a number of orbs from surrounding enemies, you’ll be able to level up the hat from Level One to Level Four, with Level Four costing half a million orbs. That sounds like a lot, but you have to spend orbs to make more. Leveling up Dr. Faust’s hat increases the number of orbs you can earn when doing this orb farming run. While you can use this method without upgrading the hat, it is recommended you reach Level Four in order to obtain the maximum amount of orbs possible.

Before starting the run, you can practice using the Hat Trick ability consistently in-game or in The Void. If you’re struggling to get the timing down, listen out for the noise that the hat makes as it slashes through enemies to gauge its speed, and then tap shoot once it completes a full circle around Dante.

Once you reach Mission 13, look out for this statue, which will serve as a checkpoint. Next to the statue is a hole. Jump into the hole and lock onto the first thing that you see. As you’re locking on, press Circle (PS4)/B (Xbox) to throw the hat. Once it completes a full circle around you, tap Square (PS4)/ X (Xbox) to catch it again. Providing that you’ve bought the special ability, Hat Trick, just as you catch the hat, pressing shoot will trigger an explosion that will damage enemies while dragging them towards you for further attacks. This move also combos into itself, meaning that you can repeat it continuously.

At this point in time, no other YouTube guides currently mention Hat Trick, which is absolutely key in ensuring that this process is efficient. Other guides recommend that you throw the hat, missing out Hat Trick altogether. However, by utilising Hat Trick, you will ensure that your orb return is more worthwhile, clocking in between 5,000 and 30,000 orbs per successful attack. In the space of thirty seconds we were able to go from 80,000 to 200,000 Red Orbs.  

This trick can be performed at any difficulty, with the easiest mode being ‘Human’. That said, if you started playing the game on ‘Devil Hunter’ then this is still perfectly attainable. You won’t earn any more orbs by doing this method on a harder difficulty, however, you will take less damage from enemies.

It’s worth mentioning that the enemy spawns are not infinite so, once you’ve cleared a room, press Start and then load the checkpoint to respawn at the statue. Then rinse and repeat until you’re happy.