Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Rereleased for the fifth time, but this time with new features!

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition has finally launched on the Nintendo Switch with a host of exclusive features for returning players to sink their teeth into. DMC3 has players hacking and slashing their way through demons in the most stylish way imaginable. This is the type of game where upon killing a boss, she’ll transform into an electric guitar which you can use to pummel enemies – it’s pretty damn cool.

Verdict: As you might expect from a fifteen-year-old game, DMC3 runs perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. The new features include Style Switching and a Weapon Wheel which brings DMC3 into the modern age, giving the combat another layer of complexity. For returning players, these changes make the game so much better to play as it feels like the more recent games. There’s also the addition of local co-op Bloody Palace which is the icing on the cake for players looking to team up with a mate. For new players looking for an action game, DMC3 is a no-brainer. For returning players, chances are you have already purchased this.

Where to buy: The only place to purchase DMC3 on the Switch is the Nintendo eShop for £16.99 or $19.99. There is a way to get the price down, however, it involves owning copies of Devil May Cry 1 and 2 on your Nintendo account. If you own either of these games, the price will go down by 25% each, granting a potential saving of 50%.

Written for the February 25th issue of DailyBits.