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Turok: Escape From Lost Valley Will Release This Month

You will have likely heard of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, a First-Person Shooter that released on the N64 back in the late 90s. Well, it looks as though the IP will be seeing a bit of a revival this month with developer, Pillow Pig Games, planning to release Turok: Escape From Lost Valley on Steam on July 25th.

Turok: Escape From Lost Valley has not yet been formally announced, however, the game was accidentally leaked earlier, when its Steam page went live. Unlike its FPS predecessor, this game takes the form of a third-person action/adventure game, in which you’ll play as Turok, who is trying to find their way home.

“In Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, you wake from a long sleep as Turok and adventure alongside Andar through the dangerous world of the Lost Valley as you seek to find a path home.”

“Encounter iconic creatures from the Turok comic series with a cute but dangerous twist. Master the art of the knife and the bow as you encounter adorable but deadly enemies, discover a path through unique environments, and choose the best weapon for the enemy in front of you.”

“Live the adventure! Confront your foes, assist primordial natives, and keep Andar and yourself alive as you Escape from Lost Valley!.”

The Steam page does not currently display a price for this title, and the developer has not yet confirmed whether this will also be releasing on consoles alongside PC. That said, with the cute visuals on display in the trailer and it’s ‘indie’ tag, we’re hoping that it will be priced accordingly.

Reactions from fans are currently quite mixed, with comments on the trailer ranging from excitement to confusion as to why a third-person action/adventure game has the Turok name slapped on it. It’ll be interesting whether this reception will change, once the game is officially announced and more details are revealed. So far, we really like the look of it and if you like cute little dinosaurs and close boss battles this is definitely one to watch.

Google Stadia Supports Only Pixel 3 Phones At Launch

Google has announced that Stadia will feature support for only four mobile phones when it launches this November. The four phones that support Stadia: Pixel 3 and 3XL alongside the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. This news might have come as a shock to a lot of people as many expected Google to try to launch their streaming platform across every device possible. Though Google state only four phones will support Stadia at launch, we know for a fact that the Google Pixel 4 is coming this year, so expect that number of supported phones to bump up to six by November.

There hasn’t been much news on Stadia since its big presentation at the end of June which revealed pricing, some of the games we will see on the streaming platform and the launch date. Google’s fifteen-minute presentation shocked RPG fans everywhere by revealing Larian Studios will be developing Baldur’s Gate 3, and that the game will launch on Stadia alongside other major platforms. As for the pricing, Google announced Stadia Pro will cost $9.99/£8.99 per month for the full 4K HDR streaming experience. There is also Stadia Base which is free to use, however, you do lose some benefits like exclusive discounts and enhanced streaming resolutions.

We have yet to experience Google Stadia for ourselves to see whether Google’s claims that 4K HDR streaming can be accomplished using modest internet connections. The idea behind Stadia is that you have the power of a high-specced machine all within one Google Chrome tab, and while that sounds great, it is unknown whether this can be a reality due to the amount of bandwidth required. Some countries have data caps on their internet, forcing users to pay more if they go over their data allowance essentially ruling out a platform like this.

Right now you can pre-order the Stadia Founder’s Edition which includes an exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller, as well as a Google Chromecast Ultra that allows 4K HDR content to be played on compatible TVs. This Founder’s Edition costs £120 but also comes with Stadia Pro, Google’s subscription service that gives you access to discounts on specific games, additional free games and the ability to stream at 4K/60FPS with 5.1 surround sound. Without Stadia Pro, you’ll be forced to use Stadia Base which only goes up to 1080p/60FPS with stereo sound only.

Hello Games Discusses The “Disconnect” Between Journalists/Game Devs And Consumers

Speaking at Develop Brighton, today, Hello Games’ Sean Murray commented on the reluctance that appears to be growing amongst game developers when talking to the games media about the projects they’re working on. Referencing the reaction to their own title, No Man’s Sky, Murray claims that “there’s a disconnect there.” Between the journalists that developers talk to, and the people who end up actually purchasing the game.“You don’t realise as a developer that you’re talking to millions of people when you do something like E3,” he said. “And most people who buy your game have only ever seen one video, and they’ve probably only seen 30 seconds of it.”

Murray went on to say: “There’s a disconnect there… Clearly, to us, it’s obvious that some features are working, and some aren’t, and some things we tend to do work out and some things don’t. We’ve cut out this feature and put this other cool one back in… We’re just going back and forth like that as, again, just a handful of people making our game.”

No Man’s Sky’s initial release in 2016 was faced with an angry backlash from players who felt misled by the lack of features that the developer had promised. The studio has made a somewhat successful recovery thanks to its focus on post-launch updates. Many players are now also looking forward to No Man’s Sky Beyond, a large free update due to drop sometime in Summer 2019. “We went about two years without talking to press at all and we went about three months without saying anything to the community either. That was really hard. I sat down so many times and wrote the perfect blog post that was going to explain everything about the game’s development, and the road map going ahead. But I could see that it didn’t hold credibility with regards to where we were at.”

Murray also mentioned EA, Microsoft and Bethesda in his keynote panel, stating that they “try to placate players by just talking to them, but for right or wrong, it just doesn’t really work.”It appears as though striking the correct balance between releasing information about an upcoming game and tempering players’ expectations is proving to be a difficult task for some developers. Taking what we know about Hello Games with No Man’s Sky and BioWare with Anthem into account, unhappy players will understandably bite back if the finished product is not up to the promised standard. Although most people will likely agree that open communication between the developer and the community is the preferred course of action when things go pear-shaped. Choosing not to update the community can be a bit of a risky move and can serve to just rile people up even more.

Forager Set To Release This Month On Consoles, Physical Version Coming In September

The hit indie game Forager is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 30th. Released back in April, Forager has become a big success on Steam where it features a rating of ‘Very Positive’ (aggregated from over 5,500 reviews). In Forager, players hunt for animals, tend to their farms, search for artifacts to fill your museum and even delve into the wizarding world of alchemy and rune inscription.

Both consoles will also receive a physical release of the game which will cost $30, arriving on September 10th.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Due To Release This Year

Originally announced in 2008, we thought all hope had been lost for Kingdom Under Fire 2. The game has only ever partially existed in Russia and Asia and we’ve heard very little about it in recent years. Yet, seemingly out of nowhere, Gameforge appears to have acquired the publishing rights and has announced plans to release it in the West sometime this year.

Chief Product Officer at Gameforge, Tomislav Perkovic, commented on the news: “We’re very excited to partner with Blueside to continue this epic saga and finally bring it to Western markets for the very first time. We are determined to help Blueside realize their vision of the ultimate MMO, launching Kingdom Under Fire 2 for Windows PC in North America and Europe later this year.”If you want to keep up with all the upcoming Kingdom Under Fire 2 announcements, you can follow its new Facebook page.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Operation Apocalypse Z, Launches Today – PS4 Only

If you haven’t played Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for a while, this update might be enough to lure you back. With Operation Apocalypse Z releasing today, you’ll have the chance to play as Reaper in multiplayer mode, wielding his Scythe heavy machine gun. Black Ops Pass owners will also receive three new multiplayer maps, including the classic Havana environment and two brand new zombie backgrounds. The Black Ops Pass will also unlock Treyarch’s new zombie experience, ‘Alpha Omega’.

Operation Apocalypse Z is currently only available on PlayStation 4, with other platforms to follow. A full breakdown of everything launching today can be found on Treyarch’s blog post. If you’re undecided on whether to purchase the Black Ops Pass, you may want to check out Treyarch’s YouTube video, showing off the update.

‘The Cuphead Show!’ Is Coming To Netflix

Studio MDHR, Netflix and King Features have just announced that Cuphead is getting an Original Series on Netflix. Similarly to the game, ‘The Cuphead Show!’ will feature 1930s-style animation, hand-drawn by Netflix’s in-house animation studio.

Cuphead Co-Creator, Chad Moldenhauer, spoke to IGN, who revealed the news of the upcoming show:

“The current goal is to stay as far away from [computer-assisted] puppeteer animation as possible…The idea will still be that every frame is hand-drawn… It’s going to be hand-drawn but digitally…‘Tradigital’.”

Moldenhauer has confirmed that the show will not simply be a retelling of the game and will explore a different story. That said, it appears that a plot has not yet been settled on and that the entire project is still very early in its development.

Having sold over four million copies since its 2017 release, Cuphead is a bullet-hell, boss-rush title that is certainly worth your time.

Written for the July 9th issue of DailyBits.