DailyBits News – August 6th Issue

Activision, EA and Take Two’s stocks have dropped following Trump’s gun violence comments

In the aftermath of two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio over the weekend, President Donald Trump directed some of the blame towards video games:

“We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grizzly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. We must stop or substantially reduce this, and it has to begin immediately.”

Since Trump delivered these comments, shares of a number of large video games companies have lowered. On Monday, Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty) declined by 5.96%, Take Two (Grand Theft Auto) by 5.19% and EA (Battlefield) by 4.63%.

Many people have tried to link video games to gun violence in the past and it still remains a controversial issue. This is also the second time that Trump has explicitly called out video games as a cause for an incident of this nature, with the first accusation surfacing after a Florida school shooting in February 2018. The Entertainment Software Association responded to Trump’s comment in a statement outlining that “there is no causal connection between video games and violence.”.

New Cooking Mama game in the works – not by original devs

The USK – the organisation responsible for rating video games in Germany- has just rated Cooking Mama: Cookstar for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The ratings page shows that the new installment in the Cooking Mama franchise will be published by Planet Entertainment, which has already brought a number of releases to Nintendo Switch in recent years. Another classification entry on the Australian Department of Communications and the Arts site has also outlined that the game will be developed by First Playable Productions, rather than the original developer, Cooking Mama Ltd. (originally known as Office Create).

The last time we received a Cooking Mama game was back in 2014, when Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop released on 3DS in Japan and saw a worldwide release a few years later in 2017. The title was met with mixed reviews on Metacritic and has an overall score of just 56.

First Playable Productions has a large catalogue of GameBoy Advance, DS and Wii titles as well as their more recent releases, Disney SNAPS!, Ben 10: Alien Experience and Paw Patrol: Pawsome Playground Builder. It’ll be interesting to see what they have up their sleeve for Cooking Mama. The game has already proven that it works perfectly on a handheld console in the past, so this should be a pretty safe bet. We’ve yet to receive an official announcement of the title but following these ratings revelations, we imagine it’s on the horizon.

New Hearthstone expansion: Saviors of Uldum drops today

Blizzard are dropping their second expansion of 2019 entitled Saviors of Uldum. Following on from Rise of Shadows, which reintroduced villains: Rafaam, Dr. Boom, Hagatha, Madame Lazul and Heistbaron Togwaggle, this expansion sees the return of the League of Explorers: Reno Jackson, Brann Bronzebeard, Elise Starseeker and Sir Finley Mrrgglton.

Saviors of Uldum marks Hearthstone’s twelfth expansion overall, featuring 135 new collectible cards. Launching today, the expansion introduces a new keyword: Reborn – an ability that enables minions to be resummoned onto the board with 1 health after being destroyed for the first time. We’ll also be seeing a new Quest for each of the nine classes, as well as a small selection of Plague spells that will have an interesting impact on the board. Further support for Lackeys has been included, with new Lackey cards being added to the existing pool.

In keeping with previous expansions, there are a few treats for players who sign into the game during the opening period of Saviors of Uldum. If you sign into Hearthstone within the first 90 days of the new expansion, you’ll receive a free random Legendary Quest card, in addition to extra Saviors of Uldum quests that grant additional card packs. There should still be enough time to pre-purchase one of the Saviors of Uldum bundles by the time you’ve read this post. If you are a player that spends money on Hearthstone, these bundles are far and away the best way to purchase card packs as they rarely drop to a lower price than this (less than £1 per pack). You can find the Mega Bundle (80 packs) and the Pre-purchase (50 packs) options on the store. Both bundles include the Elise Starseeker Druid Hero and a random golden Legendary card.

Saviors of Uldum is due to go live at 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PDT/1pm EDT today. With a number of powerful cards entering the mix, here’s hoping that the meta will shift to bring a few classes back into the running. The Druid, Rogue and Priest Quests are looking particularly strong so hopefully these new cards will give us a bit of a break from the boring, lengthy games against Control Warrior!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8fZVKJpq9A Daily Fact To celebrate today’s launch of DC Universe Online for the Nintendo Switch, we are bringing you a lovely fact about Daybreak Game Company’s smash hit MMO. Did you know that DCUO features Mark Hamill’s last appearance as The Joker? There is a common misconception that Hamill’s last role as The Joker was in Rocksteady Studios’s Batman: Arkham City. Hamill’s final role as The Joker featured in the fourth DLC pack for DCUO, The Last Laugh, a full year later after Arkham City released. You can purchase this DLC pack, and many DLC packs like this from DCUO’s in-game store. There are currently thirty-four DLC packs available, so you’d better prepare your wallet!

Cococucumber confirm Riverbond is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Cococucumber has announced that the hack and slash dungeon crawler, Riverbond, is making its way onto the Nintendo Switch later this year. Riverbond’s colourful palette combined with voxel graphics really make this couch co-op title stand out from the usual brown and grey tones of the genre. Don’t worry if your friends can’t stick around to play for the entire session, Riverbond supports drop-in, drop-out local co-op with support for up to four players to keep the creepy crawlers at bay. There are a number of crossover skins you can use, including characters from games such as Shovel Knight, Guacamelee and Psychonauts. Riverbond is currently available on SteamXbox One and PlayStation 4 for $24.99, so we expect the pricing for the Switch version to be similar to this.

FAR: Lone Sails gliding onto the Nintendo Switch

Yesterday, developer, Okomotive and publisher, Mixtivision, announced that FAR: Lone Sails will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on August 18th. Having previously launched on Steam and OS X in 2018 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, this vehicle adventure game revolves around players exploring the remnants of a dried-out ocean. During the journey, you’ll encounter a number of hazards while discovering artefacts from a lost civilisation. If you’re in the mood for an apocalyptic title that doesn’t feature zombies, this may be a game for you. You can wishlist FAR: Lone Sails on the eShop, or purchase it on SteamPlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Corpse Killer returns after 25 years

You may remember Corpse Killer, an FMV shooter that released way back in the early 1990s on the Sega CD and Sega Saturn. Well, twenty-five years later, it has finally returned in the form of Corpse Killer: 25th Anniversary Edition. Previously developed by Digital Pictures, the 25th Anniversary Edition has been developed by another studio, Screaming Villains, who has completely rebuilt the title for the current gen. Corpse Killer is set on an island filled with zombies, in which you’ll play as a US Marine tasked with stopping an evil scientist who plans to unleash his zombie army on the world. Corpse Killer: 25th Anniversary Edition is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4. You can also take a look at the game’s new trailer here.

Memory issues plague 343 Industries as Halo: Reach on Xbox One gets delayed

Halo: Reach may have seen an Insider flight test on the PC back in July, but Xbox One players will have to wait as 343 Industries blame memory limits on the console for the game’s delay. The developer explained on their monthly blog that bringing in the entire progression and customisation systems to the Master Chief Collection is proving to be challenging, specifically when working within the confines of the Xbox One’s available memory. In the game’s current state on Xbox One, there is some instability which would obviously not be ideal for any player. It appears the Halo: Reach beta will be exclusive to the PC until the developers can find a way to get the game running perfectly on the console build.