Welcome to the online portfolio of Christian Vaz & Emma Matthews

We are experienced freelancers working in the games industry. As well as writing for a number of popular outlets, we also create gaming-related video content for our YouTube channel and stream regularly on Twitch.TV. If you’d like to see any of the work that we’ve written over the past three years, be sure to click any of the links above. You can also click our pictures below to find our individual work if that happens to make things easier.

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Emma Matthews

Content Creator

While freelancing, I’ve written news articles, previews, reviews and guides. I’m comfortable in front of the camera as a presenter, and behind the scenes as a video editor. I’ve also freelanced as a Community Manager at a mobile games studio.

Outlets I’ve produced content for: Greenlit Content, Metabomb, gamesTM, PCGamesN, Wccftech, GameWatcher, DailyBits, BulbaGarden, GodisaGeek and PlayStation Universe.

As of January 2020, I work for PC Gamer as a Guides Writer.

Christian Vaz

Content Creator

Similarly to Emma, I’ve freelanced for a number of websites while doing video content on the side for our website. I spent several months as a News Editor for GameWatcher and, during 2016-2018 I was a regular preview/review writer for Wccftech.

Outlets I’ve produced content for: Greenlit Content, Metabomb, PCGamesN, Wccftech, GameWatcher, and DailyBits.