About Us

Christian and Emma

Super important information: We used to write consistently on this website, but, uhh, we needed to pay the bills so now we do freelance work for a number of games websites. A lot of the work you find on this website links to those websites, because we don’t want to steal traffic from them (even though that is very unlikely).


We are starting to put regular content on our YouTube Channel. Please check it out and do all that subscribing, liking and commenting business. Thanks!

We’ve also started streaming on Twitch.tv. You can find us there most weekdays between 1pm and 5pm BST.


Christian Vaz

Twenty-three year old History graduate. I can’t wait for the day they have Counter Strike at the Olympics.

Annoy me on Twitter: @ChristMustDie (I swear I chose this name before finding about that scary Metal band)

Emma Matthews

Twenty-three year old History graduate. 1v1 me, bro. Lover of 80s movies, LEGO and peanut M&Ms. You’ll usually find me playing CS:GO, Overwatch or Hearthstone.

Follow me on Twitter: @Emmi_Matthews 🙂


Email: hello@erasedcitizens.com