If you aren’t familiar with the way Bandai do things regarding PC releases, they usually don’t bother handing press outlets out early review copies for PC games, Naruto: Shinobi Striker being one of those games. This is, of course, anti-consumer as it forces people to buy the game to know whether or not it’s actually a good port, and we think that’s messed up. This video aims to show you whether or not the title we are covering is worth picking up for whichever platform we are looking at.

Fortunately, in this case, the port is as close to perfect as you are going to get. When it comes to Naruto games (specifically the Ninja Storm series) on both PC and console, while the games may look fantastic in motion, they all come with the caveat of running at 30fps. Shinobi Striker has been built from the ground up to support 60fps on modern consoles. In addition to this, the PC version has the option of going beyond that, so those of you using high refresh rate panels can finally appreciate some Naruto action with all the frames your PC can push out.

Those of you who happen to own 4K displays will be happy to know that Shinobi Striker is capable of running at 4K on PC at a steady 60fps (depending on your machine). We’ve got our specs listed in the description below if you want to know what specs you’ll need to achieve this kind of performance.

While I have not been able to test this to confirm, I have read there are some issues running the game with ultrawide aspect ratios like 21:9. Despite using Unreal Engine 4 which supports ultrawide aspect ratios, the developers have chosen not to allow this as an option. Sadly, this means you are forced to play with either black bars or with a stretched picture, which isn’t ideal. Shinobi Striker does feature Denuvo DRM, making it unlikely for modders to be able to fix this issue.

The keyboard and mouse controls aren’t as good as plugging in a normal controller, but they’ll do the job if you really don’t have any controllers lying about. This isn’t the type of game where you need mouse precision, and it can be awkward at first remembering which keys do what exactly. It’s not impossible to play without a controller, though I would strongly recommend you pick one up if you plan on playing this game often.

We’ve already got some gameplay up now if you want to check the game out without any interruptions. Usually, we’d upload a 4K video but I’m not sure if there’s any demand for that. If even one person asks for a 4K gameplay video in the comment section below, I’ll make sure it’s the first thing I do tomorrow morning.