We’ve been playing on the Test Servers in preparation for the big December patch and there are a few things that we feel are worth mentioning.

First things first, oh my goodness the game is so smooth now. Not sure if the game runs a lot better for everyone but it certainly does for me now. I’m used to getting on average 60fps but now it’s gone up to at least 100 on high settings.

One of the changes that we known a lot of people are excited for is vaulting. Revealed at E3 this year, we really thought this feature was coming out much earlier than December, but has it been worth the wait? Erm, kinda. It has very smooth animations, but they are a bit longer than we would’ve liked. There are a few spots that were inaccessible before that you can now get to thanks to vaulting, however we haven’t had the time to play around with it too much. The effect looks a lot better in third person than it does in first person, but that’s probably expected at this point, and the animation looks slightly different if you happen to be running when you try to vault. This is barely noticeable but it’s slightly faster than just standing and vaulting.

The HUD, which was very barebones before has now been updated and it looks a lot better. The compass is a lot easier to read, the new font looks nicer and there’s now a proper killfeed in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Both the world map and mini map have also been tweaked. The mini map is now just black and white and the colours on the world map have been adjusted to make it easier to see markers. A big change that we didn’t get to see for ourselves is the mini map displaying where your teammates are looking. Thankfully you can get a preview of it when using another new feature: the kill cam.

You have to enable the Kill Cam in the menu before jumping into a game and then once you’ve died, you’ll be able to watch your death from the perspective of your killer. Suicide deaths and deaths in the red zone are shown from your perspective. The mini map during the kill cam looks a bit like Frozen Synapse, so that’s pretty cool.

Another change you may have heard about (lol) is that a few of the sounds in the game have been altered. Vehicles now sound a bit better, so you can really hear the Dacia struggling as it attempts to climb a hill and the bombs in the Red Zone are also a lot louder now. We didn’t find them to be as deafening as some other players have reported but this zone definitely sounds different.

The 1.0 patch will also introduce two new weapons: the DP-28 which will spawn anywhere in the world and the AUG A3 which will be available in care packages. The AUG A3 will be replacing the Kar98k which will only spawn randomly in the world now.

We haven’t had a chance to test out the AUG A3 yet but we did get to use the DP-28. It’s probably great at long distances but I only had the chance to use it up close. As you can see, having forty something bullets really helps when you can’t aim like me. I hope that person watched their kill cam.

While there have been loads of decent changes that have definitely improved the game, there’s one change that we completely disagree with. You’ve probably already guessed it… Why the hell did they change the lobby music? Imagine taking the most hype song of all time and changing it. It’s absolute madness and we’re very disappointed. Revert this please, Bluehole.

Thanks so much for checking out our video. We haven’t covered every single change so if you want to read the full list of patch notes, the link is in the description. Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and remember to subscribe to our channel to see more stuff like this. Have a good day and see you in our next video or stream.

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