If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Mantis Burn Racing is a top-down racing game that supports up to four players locally using split screen and eight players in its online multiplayer mode. The game is already available on Steam, PlayStation 4 with Pro support, and Xbox One. It’s now set to release on the Nintendo Switch sometime this year, featuring cross platform play with both the Xbox One and Steam versions of the game.

We spent roughly an hour with the Switch build and from what we’ve seen, Mantis Burn Racing suits a handheld console very well. The Switch, particularly in handheld mode, is perfect for shorter sessions while commuting. While the developers say the Career Mode should last twenty five hours, Mantis Burn Racing is not the type of game you’ll spend hours at a time on.

Mantis 3

VooFoo Studios have added a number of Switch-specific features too, including support for the Joy-Con wheel, tilt controls while using the Switch in handheld mode and a vertical split screen mode which enables players to sit opposite each other utilising half the screen each. As the Switch version has released over a year after Mantis Burn Racing’s initial release, VooFoo Studios have had time to fully optimise the game for Nintendo’s newest console. If you played the other versions of the game at all, you’ll find that the Switch version is exactly the same, apart from the visuals, which we’ll get to in a second. The Switch version will also release with all the existing DLC that is currently available on the other versions of the game.

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Switch owners are used to their games having some compromises, sadly Mantis Burn Racing is no exception to this. We were told that Mantis Burn Racing runs close to 720p (both docked and in handheld mode) with a variable frame rate that can reach up to 60fps. During our time with the game, it looked like it was running at a stable 40-50fps, but the developers assured us this is something they are still working on. When you consider what the game looks like, neither the resolution or the frame rate were low enough to be an issue (even when running in split screen mode).

Retailing at £12.99 on Steam, we can expect the Switch version to cost £20 or less at launch. We think this is an acceptable amount for what the developers are offering, but if you aren’t a fan of top down racers then you should probably give this game a miss. We didn’t spend much time evaluating Mantis Burn Racing because we felt like we didn’t need to as it’s already been out for over a year. Those of you that are clamouring for a Micro Machines type of game, this could help fill that void. However, if you are looking for a great racing game on a budget, we’d recommend FAST RMX instead.

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We don’t have a solid release date for Mantis Burn Racing on the Nintendo Switch yet, but VooFoo Studios have assured us that they’re doing everything they can to release the game this year, so keep an eye out for that.

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