Last week we each played roughly forty minutes of The Evil Within 2 and we both ended up having very different experiences. As people that haven’t played the first Evil Within game we were both going into this preview completely fresh. As you may already know, The Evil Within has quite a complicated story and the demo threw us into chapters two and three of the new game. To briefly bring you up to speed, The Evil Within 2 is set in a different STEM world to the first game and now has Lily (Sebastian’s daughter) at its Core. Sebastian now has to go back into STEM in an attempt to rescue his daughter, but she is missing and the STEM world, referred to as the ‘Union’ is beginning to break apart. The bulk of the demo therefore saw us exploring the new STEM world and fighting off a variety of enemies.


Before we go any further, this game is a horror game and it lives up to that genre pretty well from what we’ve seen so far. In the opening moments we encountered crazy looking monsters, some guts and gore and a few well-placed scares. There will be three levels of difficulty so if you’re someone that enjoys nightmarish experiences that drive you to the brink of insanity then you have that to look forward to. Likewise, players looking for a more casual experience will still have the option to play through The Evil Within 2 reasonably unscathed and of course, there’s a middle ground.

As we mentioned before, we each had really different experiences in the demo. After meeting one of the Mobius members and splitting off to track Lily’s voice on a communicator, we both went in separate directions and unearthed different parts of the story. At one point, I [Emma] went into a house where I was transported to an empty hospital where this huge monster kept ambling around. I then had to locate a keycard in order to escape. I also met Tatiana, a character that appeared in the first game and had a chance to look at some of the stats players will be able to upgrade as they progress.

TEW2 2

I [Christian] managed to track down the origin of Lily’s voice and was able to watch some of her memories. My experience in the demo was far more combat heavy as I encountered a number of different enemies. At first, zombies were the most common enemy however as you explore more of the Union, you’ll find other variants. I also visited the Church in the town where I saw a priest practically turn into a zombie right in front of me. I’m sure there were still other things that we didn’t get to experience in the demo, too. Make sure you check out our gameplay footage video as we’ve already shared both of our full playthroughs on our YouTube channel.

Despite not being very familiar with The Evil Within, we’re aware of what’s new in the sequel. The developer has opted for a more flexible pace than the first game, meaning that players will have far more control over how they approach it. Players are encouraged to explore the Union and look for resources and there is now support for those that are interested in taking a stealthier approach when taking out enemies.


In addition, Tango Gameworks have implemented a crafting system to give you more freedom when using your resources. This will be particularly useful in The Evil Within 2 as specific resources will be randomised, making it more difficult for you to find exactly what you need at any given time. It seems as though Tango Gameworks has taken on players’ concerns and criticisms from the first game and is making quite drastic improvements this time around. It’ll be interesting to hear what the returning Evil Within community make of these adjustments.

Overall, we’re really looking forward to playing the rest of this game. To be honest, we weren’t really paying too much attention to it before the preview but the demo has certainly piqued our interest. We’re excited about its release and we’re hoping that the rest of the game is as strong as the demo that we played.

The Evil Within 2 will be releasing on Friday 13th October on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and hopefully, we’ll have a review up for it around that time too.


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