Last week we had the opportunity to play Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The game featured two missions, one of which you have probably seen if you have been keeping up to date on the game (the wheelchair scene), and the other where we had to travel to Area 52.

If you have no idea what we are talking about and would rather watch the game instead, we have an hours’ worth of footage on our channel so go check that out in the description below. Keep in mind that there are slight spoilers for both this new game and The New Order, though you shouldn’t let that stop you from watching our video…

Straight off the bat, The New Colossus is a massive improvement on The New Order in terms of looks. Just look at the footage between the two games, the difference is incredible. Considering The New Order was only released back in 2014, MachineGames have taken a significant graphical leap here.

B.J is back, and for the first part of the game you are rolling around in a wheelchair. After the events of The New Order where Deathshead killed himself and critically injured B.J, it’s a miracle he can operate a wheelchair let alone a gun. You are thrown into the action straight away as you fight against a horde of Nazi soldiers. The wheelchair element may not seem like a big deal, but you’ll be forced to navigate your way through levels without the use of stairs or ladders. Instead, you have to rely unexpected objects like huge cogs turning and weird conveyor belts to help you get around. Playing from this perspective really pushes the idea that B.J is still recovering and is vulnerable to even minor threats.

Wolf II

The fact that this scene is the very first thing you play through shows how MachineGames are trying to mix the typical FPS formula up. Being confined to a wheelchair and having to set up a number of electrical traps certainly isn’t the norm for first person shooters. We are happy to see the developer is willing to try out new ideas so early on in the game.

Wolfenstein games are known for being fast paced and The New Colossus is no exception to that. With the ability to dual wield two different types of weapons and break crates faster, there’s a lot less to break your momentum at any given time. There’s nothing stopping you from playing this game stealthily, in fact, there are points in this game where that is encouraged. Take this scene for example: we had the option to crash the train as it approached the station or have the train arrive without causing a scene. Obviously we went in all guns blazing because we are B.J Blazkowicz, an all American eagle who would do nothing less in this scenario.

Fans of The New Order will notice some refinements to the HUD that make the game a little bit clearer. Perk progression is now shown while you are killing enemies instead of being hidden away in your journal. The weapon upgrade system now utilises upgrade kits rather than relying on the perk system. You’ll still receive perks in the same way, but these will be separate from the weapon upgrades.

The preview build we played was rather cutscene heavy, although it doesn’t detract from the action at all. We found ourselves really enjoying the story and wanting to find out more, but we’ll have to wait until the game launches in October.

Wolf II

The Wolfenstein series brings back the classic style of first person shooters that has been missing for almost a decade now. If you haven’t had a look at the Wolfenstein series prior to this game, now would be a great time to start. While the previous games may not look as nice, they can be found for next to nothing on Steam. With the game releasing in October, now would be a great chance to catch up on the story.

We could’ve easily gone into more detail about the story in this preview but we wanted to speak about the actual game itself. Again, we’ve uploaded all of our footage from the event which shows you everything we’ve seen so far so make sure you check that out.