Overall, I feel as though I have to agree with many of the fans on the Eternal Crusade subreddit and other forums: the game just isn’t ready yet (on PS4). It’s clear that Behaviour are deeply invested in creating a massive shooter, built strictly on the Warhammer lore however, I would not feel comfortable throwing down the full asking price for this game right now. From what I have seen of the game so far, it looks as though it has a long way to go before it achieves all the promises that Behaviour has been making. Of course, it’s important to note how fast Behaviour are moving with this game and interesting to see the progress that they have made so far but it does not feel complete enough to make me want to spend more time playing it. Nonetheless, it may be a lot easier for diehard fans that have been waiting years for it, to feel more passionate about the game, even at this early stage in development.