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Epic Games launched its Early Access version of Paragon back in March, kicking off with thirteen heroes. Since then, we have seen the addition of four more heroes: Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, GRIM.exe and Riktor. On 21st June a new hero will be joining the roster, with Epic committing to launching a new hero every three weeks.

Hero Profile: Khaimera

(Available on 21st June)

Khaimera is a dual axe-wielding melee fighter and duellist who feeds on the souls of his prey in order to grow stronger. He works incredibly well as an initiator and is the perfect hero for chipping away at enemies over a long period of time. He may not be the heaviest character to deal damage on his own, but he is a very useful when it comes to pressuring the enemy team. He is a good choice for assisting other heroes and will help them to finish off enemies and secure kills.

This hero has a number of abilities that help to minimize the gap between him and his enemies, complimenting his melee style. One of these is his target leap, which enables him to lock onto an enemy hero (within a reasonable range) and take a powerful leap towards them whilst slashing directly downwards. This takes a sizeable chunk of health away from the enemy hero and can be followed up by his basic ‘chop’ attack to continue chipping away at their health. Khaimera also has another ability which encourages him to jump right into the fray, rewarding him with temporary health regeneration when he lands basic attacks on an enemy. Furthermore, his ‘Cull’ ability does physical damage to an enemy hero whilst displacing nearby enemies, slowing them down for a few seconds.

Overall, Khaimera is the most powerful when he’s in the midst of battle. He is a hero that is designed to stay in the fight and assist the rest of his team, racking up damage on the enemy and eventually taking them out. In order to utilise his abilities successfully, players will have to choose an offensive style of play whilst keeping one eye glued to Khaimera’s health bar. He may be the most powerful when he is engaged in battle but from what we have seen so far, his health depletes rapidly at these close ranges and it will be important for players to know when to drop back and retrieve some health.

Khaimera will be available to players in paid Early Access from 21st June.

We will be updating Khaimera’s hero profile when we learn more about him but for now this gameplay video will give you a good insight into how his character will play.