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Kalypso Media gave us the opportunity to try out the PS4 version of Dungeons 2. The Dungeons series is fairly reminiscent of the Dungeon Keeper series (developed by Bullfrog), but it is definitely not Dungeon Keeper 3. If you like the sound of that, you can check out Nick Horth’s full review of Dungeons 2 on GameWatcher.

Nick gave Dungeons 2 a high score of 8.0. This is what he had to say about the game:

“While it is fairly simplistic, the overland RTS game provides you with a real focus for expansion, and building your dungeon kingdom while simultaneously managing your menagerie of twisted minions is addictive fun”.

What’s New?

The PS4 edition of Dungeons 2 will launch with previously retail exclusive content: ‘Pixieville’ and ‘Morningwood’, as well as the rest of the DLC: ‘A Chance of Dragons’, ‘A Song of Sand and Fire’ and ‘A Clash of Pumpkins’. In addition, the game will include new opponents and eleven new maps, promising over 30 hours of additional gameplay.

Other than the ability to play the game using a controller, the PS4 edition of Dungeons 2 has no exclusive content. If you own the PC version of Dungeons 2, you don’t have to feel like you are missing out on anything.

Release Date

Available on PS4 from 22nd April 2016.

Additional Thoughts

This was our first experience playing Dungeons 2, and while we wouldn’t necessarily want to play the PS4 edition, we’d be more than happy to try the game again on the PC. One of the reasons why we feel this way is down to the controls. The controls implement a wheel system for selecting different options – something that we expected to work quite well for Dungeons 2. However, the controls still felt awkward. Having only played this genre of games on the PC, it took us a long time to get used to the controls. Using the wheel to scroll through the options felt tedious and frustrating.

Moreover, it’s such a shame that the game doesn’t take advantage of the PS4 controller’s touch pad, as we feel that it could have been utilised to ensure a much smoother experience. Having the option to pinch to zoom on the touch pad would have been a more intuitive experience but from what we could tell, the touch pad does not feature in the game’s controls at all. Whilst playing Dungeons 2, all we could think about was how much better it would be to play this on a monitor, with a keyboard and mouse. The user interface felt far too small for a television and with the text, objectives and mini map displayed at this size, it made them difficult to read.

In addition, the frame rate dropped significantly a number of times, though this could be down to the game not being the final build. Dungeons 2 doesn’t appear to be too demanding, so we imagine that a mid-spec PC would be able to run it at a solid 60FPS. Unfortunately, the PS4 edition dropped below 30FPS often enough for it to be problem for us. If you have the PC for it, definitely buy the game on Steam if you can.

Most Anticipated Feature

We would like to try out the four competitive multiplayer modes as we didn’t get the chance to test these out during the preview session.