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Kalypso Media have been on a roll recently with their console ports. First Dungeons 2 for PS4, now Tropico 5: Penultimate Edition for Xbox One. You may be slightly confused considering Tropico 5 originally launched back in 2014, it appears the development for the Xbox One version took slightly longer than expected. Nonetheless, it will soon be released on Xbox One along with five DLC packs.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Tropico 5 features four new eras: Colonial (1850-1914), World War (1914-1945), Cold War (1945-1989) and Modern (1989-present). With a new trade system and your own trade fleet, you’ll be able to import/export to other coun-tries to boost your economy and global presence. Using the fog of war system, you will also be able to send citizens to explore the island in search of new ore and mineral deposits.

As El Presidente you will have the opportunity to research and renovate, uncovering new resources, technologies and buildings in the process. As the powerful leader of a country, you also have the power to place your family in highly-ranked roles. Moreover, the limita-tions placed on certain careers, with regards to gender equality (that appeared in previous Tropico games) have now been removed. This means that no job is exclusively for male/female workers and can be completed by both.

Nick Horth reviewed Tropico 5 back in May 2014. You can check out his full review [url=]here[/url] .

Nick thinks that Tropico 5 is “the high point of the series so far”. According to him, Tropico 5 is “a very good city management and political strategy game that’s got a relaxed attitude quite unlike anything else out there”.

If you haven’t picked up Tropico 5 yet and you own an Xbox One, now may be your chance to pick up the Penultimate Edition of the renowned management sim.

What’s new?

As mentioned above, the Penultimate Edition will launch with the full version of Tropico 5, along with five DLC packs, including ‘The Big Cheese’, ‘Bayo del Ofato’ and ‘Hostile Takeover’. On top of this, the Xbox One edition also promises five exclusive bonus maps. Apart from this, the Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition includes the same content that was re-leased for the PC edition.

Release Date

Available on Xbox One from 27th May 2016.

Additional Thoughts

The biggest change from the PC to Xbox One comes from the control scheme. Playing Tropico 5 on an Xbox One controller was a surprisingly enjoyable experience, far more pleasant than playing Dungeons 2 on a controller. The game’s ability to pause time whenever you want helps a lot, you won’t find yourself being overwhelmed due to the requirements of the game and your familiarity with the controls.

That being said, while Tropico 5 can certainly be played using a controller, personally we believe it just works better using a keyboard and mouse. It’s a different experience playing the game on a sofa rather than sitting at a desk. Sandbox mode seems perfect for Tropico 5 on Xbox One, where you can set your own win conditions and play out the game any way you see fit. Of course, you still have the option of playing the campaign, but if you wanted to jump in and out of the game, sandbox mode might be preferable.

We haven’t played a Tropico game since Tropico 3, but it’s safe to say our curiosity in the latest game has certainly been piqued. If you haven’t tried the PC version of Tropico 5 and you own an Xbox One, you might want to consider picking up the console version. Tropico 5 works well enough with a controller that you’ll still have a good time, and judging by our review, the game is well worth playing. If you’ve got a great computer and some friends to play the game with already, maybe invest in the PC version. Either way, you’re in for a great experience.

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Most Anticipated Feature: Playing the co-op mode. Let’s see what happens when you put two dictators together in the same area…