Team Gotham’s first person exploration experience, The Guest, will be released on 10th March and will be available on Steam for $9.99 (UK prices to follow).

The game begins when you, Dr. Evgueni Leonov (an old Russian scientist), check in to Oakwood hotel. However, you soon learn that you are being held captive in your room. Your only means of escape is by solving complex riddles and puzzles in order to determine who captured you and why. Everything is in plain sight – you just have to decipher the clues!

The Guest

This game promises immersive storytelling, where you’ll learn more about Dr. Leonov’s past. You’ll also be transported back to the 80s, venturing through a dilapidated and eerie hotel, whilst experiencing a combination of classic adventure gameplay with challenging puzzles.

Want a sneak peek at the game? Click here!